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Woodwind Instruments have been a good company throughout all my life. As a musician with a diploma I have had a great chance to collect all information about how the life as a woodwinds playing artist looks like. The constant search for good equipment is taking a big place in our lives. Beeing in close touch with all grades of players from student to pro has helped me a lot to get closer to the answers of many questions concerning mouthpieces, reeds, and other kinds of accessories.

During the 80’s and 90’s I have had the great chance to work in several woodwind stores in Frankfurt Germany. During that period I started importing and distributing Freddie Gregory(†) Mouthpieces in Germany. Between the mid 90’s and the beginning of the new century I had my own little store selling Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets and accessories. In 2005 I met Mr. Alex Hsieh the CEO of P.Mauriat Saxophones ® and was the first person to import and distribute these Instruments in Germany. After joining hands within a dutch company in 2007. I helped introducing a different brand of Taiwanese saxophones in Europe. My work for this company included the sales management for Germany, co-development and research of specifications of new models and several other activities. I had the great chance to get in close touch with the woodwind producing industries directly in Taiwan and I can say, that I met most of the great master saxophon builders of the Houli district there. 
My recent project is the exiting cooperation with Mr. Rafael Navarro a true master of the mouth piece developing, designing and producing business. So it is a great pleasure to welcome you here on my new website. My goal is to satisfy you with all my knowledge and passion for excellent woodwind products. Thanks for passing by. 

Christoph Bäurle

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