Retro Revival UK Special Bariton

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The UK Special" is based on the original Bullet Chamber design which maximizes projection and tonal clarity, it speaks clearly in the altissimo and it tunes with precision in all registers. With confidence and humility, we think our "UK Special" is the best performing Berg baritone replica on the market today. Whether you play in live settings or in the studio, we know you will treasure this mouthpiece. We feel our Retro Revival is far superior to the newer Berg Larsen's available on the market. The precious Berg models of the 50’s are almost impossible to find, so we are thrilled to offer our rebirth of this rare gem. For the time being, we have decided to only offer the # 2 chamber, as it produces a beefy and flexible sound with plenty of bark and buzz. The Berg numbering styles include 95 = The first number is the tip opening in thousand's of an inch  ( 95 = .095 )  The second number indicates baffle height/brightness. ( # 3 is the darkest and 0 is the brightest ) Standard Tip openings are  available from .095  through 120.

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