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This project started when a friend of Marc Jean wanted to know why the oboe is the chosen instrument to give the "A" at the Symphony Orchestra. The answer is when the oboe is playing a note, we can clearly hear the harmonics of that note. The fundamental, the third and the fifth are clearly audible just like when a piano player is playing a chord. This also explains why we can hear the defined sound of one oboe compare to a clarinets section. The next question was: "Can I make a ligature that reproduces the harmonics of a double reed on a single reed mouthpiece?" It took Marc Jean five years of spare time research and several prototypes, but he found out. This unique double reed design applied on a single reed mouthpiece brings up harmonics like no other. Today, this ligature has become a favorite among the best mouthpiece makers and many musicians of all levels. Produced in 57 models and in 4 different finishing; more than 3700 ligatures have been sold to musicians in 38 countries so far and critics are unanimously positives. 


The ligature concept is:

A solid block of hard wood is positioned in a reversed fabric band ligature with a single centerd screw.


The Ligatures are all very "free blowing" making your kit (sax or clarinet, mouthpiece, ligature and reed) easy to play even on a longer period of time. The sound given is clean (not bright) and full of harmonics with all of the characteristics provided from your mouthpiece. It naturally opens up the sound. All accents and nuances are improved. in comparison to the metal model the ligature offers a lot more darkness with the similar toptone structure.

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