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Artikel-Nr.: 047

Blue Note era Equilibrium 

The VINTAGE SLANT is modelled after the famous 1950’s classic tenor sound and features a medium-large chamber with beautifully sculpted concave side-walls and a medium ‘New York’ style roll-over baffle. 


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Artikel-Nr.: 048

Power with Personality

The VIBRA MASTER™ tenor saxophone mouthpiece features a medium-large chamber with beautifully crafted concave side walls and a distinctive crescent shaped ‘Florida’ style baffle to provide a powerful full-bodied sound with clarity and a complex character – the perfect jazz mouthpiece. 


ab 425,00 € *
Artikel-Nr.: 046

Divine Inspiration – Robust with Projection

The OCTA SUPREME™ tenor saxophone mouthpiece was designed to fulfil the needs of the modern era saxophonist.  

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