Retro Revival True Slant

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Introducing the “True Slant” our newest replica from Retro Revival. The Otto Link “Tone Edge” Slant Signature tenor mouthpiece is one of the most sought after vintage tenor mouthpiece’s and now Retro Revival has brought it back to life. Like all of our Retro Revival replica’s, the “True Slant” is CnC milled and hand finished from the highest quality German bar rubber. This mouthpiece is a joy to play; articulate, colorful, the real thing ! We made sure our “True Slant” has all the special qualities of an original Tone Edge “Slant Signature".

The history of the Tone Edge spans decades. In the late 1950's when Otto Link created the "Tone Edge" back in New York, it quickly became the gold standard for the greatest players. The original Tone Edge made in New York had a larger chamber, closer tip openings, only available up to #6 which was stamped on the table. After Otto Link moved to Florida changes took place. ( The tip size stamped on the right side of the table and the Otto Link logo engraved on a 45 degree angle) 

This signature angle became the identifying feature that people now refer to as a “Slant Signature”. This Florida model had a higher rollover baffle and tip sizes were available from 5 to 9. This Florida version of the Tone Edge was a true masterpiece and was very popular for many years. When Otto Link re-located to Elkhart IN with their remaining mouthpiece blanks and tooling, the Tone Edge remained excellent for some time, but something happened to the quality and playability. The "Tone Edge" lost it’s mojo, most likely due to quality control and changes in manufacturing. Our ”True-Slant" is a recreation of the best version of the “Slant” from the good old days. We went through pains taking efforts, play testing many versions of the Tone Edge from our combined collections. We feel very confident that our “True-Slant” is the best replica on the market, offering tip openings ranging from 6-8*. Of course, each and every Retro Revival mouthpiece is play tested to our highest standards.

So, if you’ve been searching high and low for a “Tone Edge, Slant Signature” that really performs from the softest PPP dynamic to the loudest FFF  dynamic in the flip of a millisecond with effortless altissimo, our “True Slant” is what you’ve been searching for. 

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